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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Searched For a Tiger Lately?

I don’t get it. Lots of news outlets are reporting that TigerDirect is all pissed off because a web search for the term “tiger” gives better results for Mac OS X 10.4 than for TigerDirect.

First of all, SO WHAT!? I’m not crying because some dude named Lee Bennett Hopkins gets top billing in a Google search. Aren’t search results influenced at least somewhat by popularity? If people are searching for “tiger” and more people select a link for TigerDirect than for Apple Computer, won’t TigerDirect’s link move higher in time? Conversely, more people care about a powerful Macintosh operating system than a cut-rate e-tailer which, I’ve been told (I have no facts) is not a vendor most people care to deal with.

And secondly, have you ever actually seen Google results for “tiger?” Sure, TigerDirect is the second hit, but Apple’s Mac OS X 10.4 is the third! Why isn’t TigerDirect pissed off at I guess someone there is actually intelligent enough to realize that someone searching for “tiger” is statistically more interested in the wild feline than some idiotic e-tailer!

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