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Saturday, April 16, 2005

This One’s Name Is Billy, That One’s Todd, and Over There is Sylvia…

Most of you know, I’m part of the staff of About This Particular Macintosh. One of my functions is to see all new comments posted to pages, make minor edits to problematic comments, delete inappropriate ones, and either reply to ones that need an answer or forward them to other staff who can answer.

You can imagine, some real gems get posted on almost a daily basis—things like “please post an installation code for this game,” or “this is gay.” There are the ones that mistake our product reviews as belonging to the product’s developer, to which I have to reply that we only reviewed the product and their question really needs to be sent directly to the developer. And, of course, there are the ones where people are just absolutely lewd and are posting their obscene crap simply because they can.

With apologies to ATPM’s editor, I simply must describe one that came in tonight. I’ve wanted to start a whole new blog category here as a venue to immortalize these brilliant comments, but the editor probably wouldn’t like me a whole lot. Besides, even I don’t want to give off the impression that ATPM readers are just a big group of nutballs.

But, tonight, this particular comment (which I removed, so don’t look for it) had me laughing for a solid couple minutes before I was composed enough to deal with it. We often get comments from people who wish the individual photos in our monthly desktop wallpaper image series were named/described. She’s right, they should be, and they often are—assuming the original photographer who submitted the images provided names to us. It’s nice, but we don’t require photographers to include that info. We’re happy just to have received the submission. Usually, however, the upper left column contains terse descriptions of the photos.

The batch of photos on the page where this recent comment came in are, indeed, just generically named and numbered, so the person who left the comment would have been justified in asking them to be better-named…except that, well, here, see for yourself!

» Posted by ALBj at 09:29 PM (ET)
Category: Funny, Idiot of the Moment


Photo 1: Clouds.
Photo 2: More clouds.
Photo 3: Even more clouds.
Photo 4: Elephant! No, wait. More clouds.

» Posted by Queue
April 16, 2005 11:32 PM

The nutballs aren’t so much our readers as they are people who Googled for, say, “cloud pictures.” In that context, perhaps it’s not overly charitable to think that maybe this person was writing a paper on clouds and was looking for photos of particular kinds of them. In that case, descriptive names might have helped.

» Posted by Michael Tsai
April 18, 2005 10:03 AM

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