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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Stop Doing That!

Those of you who subscribed to the RSS feed on my photo albums probably just noticed a “Funny Things…” album show up as new when there’s really nothing different in there. The reason it showed up as new is because I changed the filename of an image that a lot of people have decided to remotely link over on their site—usually a forum page and/or forum user profile page. I’ve counted at least five different uses. Because the image happened to be the highlight photo for the album, that’s why the RSS feed showed the album as new.

It is really bad form to leech someone else’s bandwidth by remote linking without permission. Bad, bad, bad! Stop it!

I am actively searching for a way to configure my Apache installation to block remote links. I know there’s a way, but a friend tells me that it doesn’t work on the OS X version of the Apache server that I am running. If anyone knows differently and can explain, in clear steps, how to block remote links, I’d be extremely grateful. Icing on this cake would be if I could allow remote links from specific domains—such as

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