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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Photoshop Tennis

Not long ago, I received (as I frequently do) a request to use one of my desktop wallpaper photos that had been submitted to ATPM for use in such-and-such a project. This particular request, however, was for a very unique hobby—Photoshop Tennis.

If I were just a bit more skilled with Photoshop than I am, I’d be inclined to participate, because the concept is really awesome. The first person creates a Photoshopped image within established parameters. The second person then makes a new image where all or some of the elements of the prior image are recognizable in the new image. This goes back and forth for a predetermined number of rounds.

The series for which one of my photos was requested is the fourth that has been initiated by If you click the preview link and look at round 11, you’ll see an image that introduced my image of the Grand Teton mountain range.

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