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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Navigation Widget Advice

It’s very simple, people. If you’re creating a web page that showcases some sort of collection (e.g. photos) and it’ll be presented on multiple pages that can be accessed with links on the page, I have three pieces of important advice for you.

First (and I’m looking at you, Flickr), include buttons for Next and Previous. Only offering numbered links for each page doesn’t always cut it.

Second (and I’m looking at you, Liquid Library), endeavor to make those Next and Previous buttons at least double-digit pixel dimensions—both in width and height.

Third (and I’m looking at…just about every online photo album except for Gallery, which got it right), design your pages so that the Next and Previous buttons stay put. No one likes to have to shuffle the mouse pointer all over the screen to find the button after every page turn. A very common practice is to aim the mouse over a Next button and not have to move it as one skims through pages. This is especially true for laptop users who are using the trackpad and no mouse.

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