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Monday, April 4, 2005

ATPM 11.04

The April 2005 issue of About This Particular Macintosh has been published, and it’s truly no joke—ATPM celebrates its tenth anniversary this month.

I recently went and downloaded some of the back issues from the first year. Rather fascinating to see what ATPM started out as and where it is today. Many differences. Many similarities.

This scenario is very much not unlike that of a newsletter for which I have done the desktop publishing since Autumn of 1992. This year marks its 20th year of publication. It’s amazing enough just to see the design (and the steady improvement, thereof) just since I took it over—even though, wow, I suppose I’ve officially been responsible for laying out the pages for more than half its life. However, to see the first several issues from the mid- to late-80s is quite the head trip. Ah, the days of traditional halftoning and paste-up.

Sorry, didn’t mean to go that far on a tangent to ATPM’s anniversary. Seriously, in the highly volatile nature that is the internet, reaching a tenth anniversary is an amazing accomplishment. I mean, think about it—inasmuch as longevity of solely internet-based endeavors goes, ATPM is right up there with, eBay, and Yahoo! Even Google hasn’t been around as long as ATPM.

I’m quite proud to be part of the gang that produces a quality publication that is widely known in the Macintosh community—even if my time has only been for the latter half.

Here’s to the next ten.

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