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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

QuarkXPress Still Sucks

On a recent PR mailing I received today, “The newest QuarkXPress 6.5 features were designed to blow your doors off. Making Adobe cry like a baby was just an added bonus.”

Uhh, hate to tell you this, Quark, but until you actually surpass—not just catch up to—InDesign’s features, Adobe is giggling—not crying.

From the mailer I was sent, the new features being touted are: image manipulation (like any serious designer would do this in Quark instead of Photoshop), transparency and drop shadows (catch-up—not surpassing here), multiple undos (catch-up), and layers (CATCH-UP)!

And even if you do someday (hah!) manage a long list of features not present in InDesign, good luck with your poorly implemented plug-in to import layered and channeled Photoshop files. That one feature alone may very well be why I’ll always choose Indy over QuarkXPress, and Indy, of course, does it flawlessly.

How much you wanna bet the crying baby on Quark’s mailer is, in reality, the son of some big-shot Quark executive when he found out his dad is a loser who can’t accept that Adobe is finally starting to take back the “king-of-DTP-apps” title.

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Word. got the same direct mail piece. i was intrigued but even if 6.5 was as good as the mailer suggested i wouldn’t buy it if it blew me under the desk while i worked. OK, i would but would still use InDesign for page layout.

Have read quite a few bad reviews for 6.5. I keep wondering why quark hasn’t sunk yet. wasn’t using 6.1 on osx (9) traumatic enough for everyone? not to mention the beatings from versions before that?

» Posted by cloo
May 20, 2005 01:10 AM

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