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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Let’s Identify the Fundamental Problem

It’s really quite simple, and if people realized how simple it was, IM phishing wouldn’t be a problem. I’ve never once heard of a legit company communicating with you—especially for important matters—via IM. And I can sure as hell tell you that I would absolutely not patronize a company that did. IM is less secure than e-mail—and we all know e-mail is about as secure as painting a message on a downtown billboard.

Regardless, however, if an information request comes to you via e-mail, IM, or from a monkey’s butt, it’s suspect. Confirm by calling the company yourself or using their normal means of online communication to confirm the message. And for heaven’s sake, if you get a security information request from PayPal sent to an e-mail address you know you’ve never used in conjunction with a PayPal payment, it’s a scam. End of story. PayPal will only use e-mail addresses you provided in your account configuration.

Hey scammers, whoever you are, give up with the phishing to my ATPM account. You’re wasting your time. I don’t use that address for anything that doesn’t pertain to the e-zine.

Phishers change bait as IM use grows

Scammers are increasingly using IM to launch phishing attacks, according to a report.


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