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Monday, March 28, 2005

Gracenote Needs Quality Control

Someone who works with Gracenote’s CDDB really dropped the ball. I just stuck the latest Now Music compilation into my computer to rip into iTunes. Naturally, the CDDB was contacted to retrieve the track information.

There are 20 tracks on each of these Now albums. For this volume, number 18, only four tracks got the artist names put in, and one was horribly misspelled—Gwen Staphanie. The rest are all listed as Various Artists. What’s strange is that it wasn’t tracks 1-4 that were named, rather tracks 1-3 and 19! And even that’s not technically right since it incorrectly listed track 19 as Good Charlotte. That song is actually track 17.

Also, some of the track names have the artist’s name in the track instead of the artist field, but most have only the track name.

While I’m on this topic, here’s another item that’s really not attributable to Gracenote: what’s with half the popular songs these days all listed as such-and-such an artist featuring such-and-such another artist? What’s wrong with just “this artist and that artist” as the performer?

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This is a common problem with Gracenote. The data is entered by end users who may or may not be correct. I have an even bigger problem with the years and genres which are wrong much of the time. It’s a drag not being able to use smart playlists for much of my collection.

» Posted by J.D. Hutchins
May 13, 2005 09:51 PM

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