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Friday, February 18, 2005

iDVD 5’s “One Touch” Must Have MiniDV Source

I had sort of a rude awakening today. Turns out that the One Touch feature of iDVD 5 that allows you to record video to DVD directly without having to set up menus or wait for encoding is very picky about the source of the video. It has to be from a previously recorded MiniDV tape. No exceptions.

The function automatically detects a MiniDV tape in your deck or camera, rewinds it, and copies the entire tape. My deck will also play DVCAM tapes, but iDVD 5 would not recognize a DVCAM tape as a usable source. Likewise, if you are inputting analog video to your deck and looping through the firewire/DV port, you won’t be able to do that, either because there’s no MiniDV tape detected.

Also, even though I’ve not yet actually done a direct copy yet (because of the aforementioned DVCAM tape), my bet is that you have no opportunity to cut portions of video out that you don’t want to record to DVD. You copy the whole MiniDV tape or nothing, baby!

Oh, and don’t go commenting to me about getting Toast 6 which (I think) will do what I expected iDVD 5 to do. There’s no reason iDVD 5’s One Touch should be limited to MiniDV tape sources.

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