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Friday, February 11, 2005


Unless my friend, Jeff, later peeks things over and learns otherwise, it seems one of the hard drives in my old G4 box (which acts as a server) had a massive failure. Ironically, it was the one SCSI drive. The rest are IDE.

To anyone who was trying to peruse my photo albums Thursday, you now know why they weren’t available. Jeff pointed me to a tool that I ran tonight and, to my massive relief, appears to successfully recovered all the albums. The drive still won’t become accessible to the Finder, but I fortunately have an unused (and larger) drive in the tower. I recovered the entire contents to the empty drive, unmounted the old one, renamed the new drive to match the old one, and fired up web sharing. Voila! I’m back in business. Thus, my assumption is that all the data was (is) still perfectly intact, just that something is preventing the Finder from accessing the drive.

Yes, I have a backup of the entire photo album installation, but had neglected to update it since adding perhaps 2-3 recent albums, plus a couple moblog images. Suffice to say, I’ll be backing it up a lot more often now!

If you’re browsing albums and notice any broken images possibly due to a improperly recovered file, please hit the comments link here and let me know.

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