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Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Slipping Away

Something just recently occurred to me while skimming through my photo albums. Some time around mid- to late-2003, it was apparent that I had a “crew,” probably for the first time ever. While the total number of friends varied from outing to outing, there were about five of us who made up the core of the group.

What you may notice in my albums is that, right around the end of 2003, you start seeing album after album after album of excursions taken with these friends. In fact, the subjects in every single album, starting from November 3, 2003, to May 30, 2004, are some variant of the crew. Then, it stops. There’s one recent album, December 12, 2004, from when some of us went to a holiday attraction, but that was a frighteningly pre-planned outing and not just a “let’s go have some fun” moment when a camera also happened to come along.

I’ve got some theories as to the apparent disbanding, but they’re only theories. Regardless, I hope whatever needs to be resolved gets resolved and we can go back to enjoying hanging out together.

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I left my crew back in Tennessee. It is the price I paid for moving to marry. Obviously, the move was worth way more than having the crew.

» Posted by Queue
January 6, 2005 08:33 AM

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