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Saturday, January 1, 2005

Meet Ádamas

My friend, Juan, and his crew have been running the the usual circuit of a startup band for a little while. While I hope a more experienced designer will someday be able to create a a media-rich, Flash-based site for the band, I’ve got them started on

A couple months ago, I added a WordPress installation which Juan is using to post news and concert announcements—not so much a blog, but close. More recently, I posted audio downloads of the band’s music. Lyrics are available for the English songs and will be posted for the Spanish songs as soon as Juan sends them to me.

Don’t be afraid to listen to the Spanish songs just because you don’t understand Spanish. Those songs actually have a bit better sound because they were mixed with a little more experience under Juan’s belt, and if they sound really good now, just imagine how awesome the recordings will be once the guys get into a bona-fide recording studio and have their tracks mixed by a professional—something that may happen before long now that BLEU WHALE Entertainment is representing them. They’ve also gotten their first taste of radio play.

Check ’em out, and be sure to drop Juan a note if you like what you hear. He’d really appreciate the feedback. (There’s a contact link on the web site.)

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