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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Less Is, Quite Simply, Less!

Maybe this will be an inspiration to someone:

I’m not the world’s most tidy person. Clutter quickly and easily builds up anywhere I spend more than just a few moments of time.

Last week, however, I spent a little more than two days to completely sort through just about every single nook and cranny of my office. Last night and today, I reorganized my desk, positioning things like my digital video deck, NTSC monitor, and scanner such that they are much more accessible. I also finally managed to get nearly all the cruft of homeless A/V equipment off the floor and on closet shelves.

One result of all this is a desk that feels like it has a lot more real estate. My desk has a front and back section with a side piece connecting them. That side section is where my computer system used to sit. With that and a bunch of other garbage on the side, plus a lot more junk on the back, my desktop space felt limited. With the computer on the back, having the front and side sections cleared off gives the impression of a much bigger space.

Another result is that the computer station is more efficient. I used to have to spin 180 degrees to see the video monitor behind me when editing videos. It’s now just off to the side of my workstation, along with the DV deck. The scanner didn’t move, but the computer’s new location now has me sitting right next to it.

And still another result is the opposite half of my office—where piles of junk I didn’t know what to do with and a nearly empty file cabinet that I finally got rid of used to live—is finally clear for my plan to set up a backdrop and a portable strobe kit to do portraits.

Suffice to say, it’s actually enjoyable to walk into my office now. Unfortunately, I have extremely sore shoulders and knees to show for the work. Yes, I said knees. I had to crawl under the desk several times to run cables to and fro.

The second Monday in January is national clean-off-your-desk day. I missed it by a little more than a week, but I think I made up for it by turning it into clean-up-my-entire-office week!

Now, if I can only apply the same motivation to my apartment! Alas, I really hope to find find and move into a townhome sometime this summer. In all likelihood, it won’t be then until I finally elect to throw out a lot of stuff out of sheer apathy about transplanting it to a new place.

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