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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Lots of other blogs, radio personalities, and pundits have been weighing in on this subject, so I thought I’d throw in my 2¢.

But, since this is a musing about technology and not politics, I won’t get into why Dan Rather hates George Bush or the motive behind why CBS’s top anchor had incentive to believe that the memos were true—you can read about that numerous places elsewhere.

Either way, Dan and the CBS Evening News have Jumped the Shark.

The days of millions of Americans sitting down in front of their televisions and having that day’s news from around the entire world read to them are over.

The days of having some group of (biased?) producers decide what the most important stories that can fit within 20 minutes and 10 seconds are over.

Headline: “O B S O L E T E !”

Of course, the makers of Preparation H keep buying ad time, and the network execs think their show is “making” money…but that’s a topic (with considerations for what that tells you about the demographics of the shrinking audience) for another post.

When Tom Brokaw became solo anchor of The NBC Nightly News, it was in third place in the Nielsens. When Tom left, NBCNN was number one with about 9 million viewers, but had fewer total viewers than they had in 1983.

Conclusion: Millions of people are getting their news from other sources.

As this article from the Detroit Free Press says:

In the early 1980s—when Rather, Brokaw and Jennings first arrived in Anchorland—the three network newscasts commanded a combined 63 percent of the viewing audience each night. With rising competition from 24-hour cable news channels and the Internet, that number has tumbled to 33 percent of the audience in 2004.

Sorry, CBS, NBC, and ABC, but things ain’t what they used to be. My source for news has a “.com” in the name.

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