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Tuesday, January 4, 2005

College Antics

Assembly Credit ServiceA little proof that my roommate and I had at least some fun during college!

I guess some explanation is in order. Assemblies were required at our college and these slips were handed to everyone who walked in to put your college ID number. They were different colors that were randomly chosen for each assembly, sort of an anti-spoofing tactic.

Well, many students were exempt from assembly for one reason or another—be it graduate or graduate status, work excuse, etc. In spite of being exempt, invariably, many of them would come anyway, either because they wanted to, or they just wanted to be with their friends who had to be there. Consequently, the piece of paper they were handed often got left on the church pew. Andy decided really early on to collect a handful of them afterward. Before long, he had a nice collection of pretty much every color that was used.

Naturally, something of consequence had to happen in light of acquiring this collection, and this clipping in the April Fool issue of the college newspaper was the result.

From the day this issue was released (on March 32, 2000) until just about the end of the school year, Andy and I answered our phone, “Andy’s Assembly Credit Service, how may I help you?”

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