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Friday, January 7, 2005

But Microsoft Was Actually Right This Time

WeatherBug Miffed at Microsoft’s Spyware Classification

Microsoft’s new anti-spyware tool mistakenly flags a component of the WeatherBug application as a privacy threat to Windows users.


Mistakenly!? My dear AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc. friends, it is you who are mistaken. Unless you’ve grown a conscience for the more recent versions, I know people who’ve actively tracked WeatherBug sending unnecessary data to remote servers.

And please don’t feed us this crap about it not being adware. I couldn’t give a rat’s ass whether it’s popup windows you’ve installed, or just panels within your application. It’s still adware!

So, I must point something out. I’m not against adware, in general. I essentially have no problem seeing not-terribly-intrusive ads within an application in exchange for getting to use it free. It’s the unrequested installation of popup ads that I, and everyone, hates.

So, AWS Convergence Technologies, Inc., go ahead and refute claims of installing popup ads, but don’t claim to not be producing an adware product when you’re clearly doing so!

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