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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Sounds Good To Me

My Sony DAV-S300 I purchased in August 2000 was showing its age. It’s been an absolutely fantastic unit for me the past four years, but I was ready for an upgrade. I was in need of additional input options—especially since I learned that my digital cable box can output a 5.1 surround signal for some programs (mostly movies). But, more importantly, it seems as though the right front channel was giving out.

So, gracing the top of my entertainment center now is a Pioneer VSX-D514-S. It’s a thing of beauty. To complement the receiver, I acquired a set of KLH Plat-6 speakers. Both these items were very attractively priced—$180 for the receiver and $170 for the speakers. The receiver’s MSRP is $275 and Circuit City’s normal price is $200.

No, the receiver is not exactly a first-class unit and the speakers are not what most would consider spectacular high-end speakers, but I was on a budget and I am most definitely not an audiophile. This whole systems sounds terrific to me. Far superior to the Sony all-in-one.

Besides the audio quality improvement, everything is now all connected via s-video cables which should ensure that picture quality stays pretty crisp. In addition, I’m using digital audio connections everywhere I can. My cable TV box is using both digital and analog and the receiver auto switches down to analog if no digital signal is present. Analog audio is also running out of the receiver into the DVD recorder.

I solicit your positive vibes wafting my direction as I attempt to get a $20 refund. Both in the store and online, Circuit City listed the receiver as $179.99. I haven’t been back in the store since, but the web site is now listing $159.99! The confusing part is that there’s a “web only special” tag on the page yet, right close to that message in the “availability” section, it says, “Free shipping on orders $25 & up + Free in-store pickup on all orders.” So what gives? Can I only get that price on a web order, or can I get it in the store? I do know that Circuit City—like most stores of this type—has a price guarantee policy, so no worries on getting an after-the-fact lower price. I just gotta sweet talk my way into an in-store purchase being eligible.

Update: Mission accomplished! Circuit City agreed to credit the $20 plus tax!

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