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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Holiday Haul

So hit the comments link and brag about your Christmas booty. I was completely surprised to receive a Garmin GPSmap 60CS. My parents knew I wanted one, but I never asked for it or expected it because of its price. This thing is very cool!

Update: Now I’ve got the proper mapping software to go with the Garmin, so I’m a GPS beast now! Hah. I also figured out how to download geocaching waypoints into the unit instead of manually entering them, so I hope to get back into that hobby. I’d found three back in 2002 using a dinky GPS attachment for my Handspring Visor Edge. It was fun for a while, but was too awkward and unreliable. Hopefully using a better GPS will restore the fun of geocaching.

The other treat over the Christmas weekend was to see a performance of The Phantom of the Opera. Outstanding performance, though I admit that I had trouble following parts. I intend to read up and to see the movie to fill in some spots. And yes, I’m quite happy to have seen a stage production before seeing the movie. Naturally, purists are going to say the movie will suck, but there’s no denying it’ll help me understand a few of the story points.

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