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Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year—Not

Fair warning—may as well just lay off with any new year wishes to me this year. I’ve just come off of two irksome (and unrelated) topics to which I had to reply and defend. To make matters worse I’ve developed a splitting headache which was worsened by some buttmunch pizza driver’s bass in his car audio, and the fact that, in about three hours, I’m going to hear a lot of cracks, pops, whistles, and hollering outside definitely isn’t very appealing to me, either.

I’m going to bed.

Update: Okay, I should probably clarify a little bit, but it’s long-winded. So, extended entry, here I come…

First of all, I slept off my headache and woke up in time to ring in 2005, although I was all set to watch Fox’s coverage of Times Square when the local Fox station broke in and decided to show Orlando’s own Orange Ball drop. Woop dee doo.

As for the the other parts of this entry, let me backtrack. The first was simply a culmination of me finally telling someone that I’m not doing a task I’ve been doing for a couple years because people on their end never fulfilled their side of the agreement. Not that it was a bona-fide business arrangement (it wasn’t), but I’m done being responsible for the task. I’m simply not interested any more.

The second was probably an unnecessary blow-up. I had just finished the e-mail message about the first matter when a comment came in from a friend over IM. I guess it just sort of set me off. And I am going to have to have a conversation with my friend because there’s a light history of comments which I know aren’t meant the way I take them, nevertheless, they come across as a bit thoughtless to me.

For example, having lunch together, I had chosen to mix some Sprite and Hi-C punch, and was remarked to about how much sugar is in that. Foremost, it’s of absolutely no concern to anyone but me that I’ve chosen to drink something that may or may not have a lot of sugar. It’s not like I drink as much soda as I used to, anyway. Secondarily, for someone I know to be extremely intelligent, the comment made no sense. Never mind the fact that he was drinking a soda, too, think about this: if I have a cup with half and half of soda and punch, wouldn’t you think that there’s less sugar in it than if I had a full cup of whichever beverage has more sugar than the other? There’s no more sugar in what I had mixed up than there is in just a cup of soda or a cup of punch, probably.

I know, I know. This entry has really turned into a big soapbox moment. But as we all know, blogs make great venues for venting. It was gonna come out sooner or later! :-)

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