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Monday, December 13, 2004

Frozen Fun

There is a four-letter descriptive word I promise I will not use in this entry! (Um, well, three letters, depending on your point of view.)

Last night, I and four friends checked out the ICE! Exhibit at Gaylord Palms. Beautiful. I’d say breathtaking, but it might be confusing as to whether that adjective refers to the scenes or to the fact that your breath is literally taken away. When they say it’s cold in there, they are not kidding. I was wearing a long-sleeve knit shirt, my medium-weight jacket, and the hooded parka the exhibit loans you when you go inside, and I was still wishing I had another layer—or maybe I was just wishing for gloves and a hood that didn’t come down past my eyes!

It truly was beautiful. I’ll have some pictures in my album later on, but there aren’t many. Single-digit temperatures will zap the life of a battery faster than you can say “frostbite.”

Update: Photos have been posted.

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