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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Common Courtesy Capitulates Cash

I love Circuit City. I’ve never known a bad experience with them.

As previously mentioned, I purchased an A/V receiver last Thursday. I was very satisfied with the $179.99 price tag, but became understandably disappointed when I went back to the Circuit City web page that listed the product for some information to put in last night’s blog entry. Normally, my rule is to never shop for something I’ve already purchased. Murphy’s law can be derived into saying you’ll always find a better deal if you keep looking after you’ve purchased.

True to form, when I returned to the product page, it was listed as $159.99! I nearly chalked it off immediately because it was labeled as a price goof for web-only purchases. But right below that tag, there was the message that in-store pickup was available.

I decided I had nothing to lose and I dropped by the Circuit City store just a little while ago. I admitted that I realized my purchase may not be eligible, but wanted to at least ask about it. As I pleaded my case, another worker overheard me and seemed pleasantly amused that, while many customers are smart and many others are understanding, there are actually a few customers in the world who are both!

Following a minute or two of scanning through his computer, the employee decided that the product page did indicate in-store availability and that the discount from the normal $199.99 price was an instant discount—not a rebate. Had it been the latter, I definitely would not have been eligible.

Another minute and a signature later, I was walking out the door with a credit card balance $20 less than it had been.

It’s awful that I actually know people who would have handled the situation much differently—possibly raising a stink. Granted, they may have credited my card even if I had approached them in a more demanding demeanor, but they also could have just as easily told me I’d would had to have made the purchase online to get the price.

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