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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Morning (Anti)Glory

It’s 4:45am. Why, pray tell, am I blogging at 4:45am? I’m glad you asked.

I came home last night with a booger of a headache, too much computer work and too few breaks, probably. Things are somewhat a blur, but I do know I crashed for maybe 45 minutes, went out to bring home a Subway sandwich, watched The Screen Savers (bad show, will explain why in a later entry), and crashed again.

Going to Subway was a mistake. It was not until I got on the road that I realized my nap did not get me feeling better enough to be driving. My headache had metamorphosed into a wooziness I can’t describe.

I did manage to get back home with the sandwich in time to watch TSS. Somehow, I actually comprehended the show. Maybe sitting still instead of driving was enough to clear my head a bit. However I immediately went back to bed afterward, assuming I’d wake back up in an hour or two—10ish—to finish a few things and then go back to bed for good. Hence, I didn’t even bother turning off my living room light and TV.

Next thing I know, it’s 4:30am and I’m feeling surprisingly well. Not only was the headache gone, but I feel as though I’d gotten a good long night’s sleep. And that brings me to now, with a hankerin’ to blog and watch the last episode of Enterprise that I recorded Sunday.


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