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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hmm, Upgrades

A splendid NEC MultiSync LCD1735NXM now graces my desk. Beautiful display. All this time, I thought my laptop had a nice, bright display and my Sony Multiscan CPD-200ES was pretty dim. My laptop’s display now looks pretty dim in comparison to the NEC!

But don’t let what I just said make too huge of an impression on you. The Sony CRT monitor isn’t all that bad. I’m looking to unload it and probably am willing to unload it pretty darn cheap. Since I’ve found factory-refurbished 20" CRTs for under $60, that should give you a pretty good clue how little I’m hoping for. Just make an offer—even if your offer is to just give it a good home.

By the way, the same site where I found $60 20" monitors also listed $55 to ship it! Yeah, these suckers are heavy and there’s simply no cheap way to ship a CRT that I know of. Therefore, I’m simply not interested in shipping this one to anyone—even if they paid for it. Too much hassle. Amazingly enough, I actually have the box the monitor originally came in, but that box is currently filled with other items and is sitting in my Shurgard storage locker.

So if you’re ever near Orlando and think you can make use of it, drop a comment here.

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