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Friday, October 1, 2004

Those {Expletive Deleted} Comment Spammers!

You know what? It occurs to me that I couldn’t care less whether my latest attempt at a comment spam-fighting tactic affects your ability to post a comment.

So, consider yourself warned that any comment which MT-Blacklist thinks has a URL containing the word “casino,” “poker,” “blackjack,” or any other gambling-related term I later think of to include will be blocked, and I will not hesitate to add more words to blanket every possible variation these spamming buttmunches are using, be it extra dashes, or dots, or whatever, in the URL.

If you want to legitimately point me to a site that has a banned word in the URL, then you’ll have to figure out some way of typing it such that Movable Type doesn’t think it’s a URL.


P.S. - I know I could try setting the preference to not auto-hyperlink detected URLs, but I don’t really (yet) want to make legitimate visitors have to highlight, copy, and paste the address. Besides, because comment spammers directly abuse the comment engine’s CGI script and don’t even utilize the on-screen submission forms, I have the impression they can still manage to coerce the system into a hyperlink.

» Posted by ALBj at 10:19 AM (ET)
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All one would have to do is translate the web address into the IP address and point you directly to it. An example would be for Instead, try going to

» Posted by Queue
October 9, 2004 11:19 AM

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