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Sunday, October 17, 2004

On Vacation

The convention is now over and I’m now officially on vacation—sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Seattle to visit my brother, his wife, my 3-year-old nephew, and, most importantly, my brand-new niece.

I chose to splurge for a little while of T-Mobile HotSpot access. Amazingly, it’s cheaper for an hour of online access at the airport than it was at the hotel! Yeesh! And now, I have an account, so I won’t have to go through that rigamarole ever again. I’m sure I’ll never use the monthly unlimited access, but an occasional hour of access could occasionally come in extremely handy.

My flight boards around 6pm. Hotel checkout (as well as the last convention program) was at noon. I also wanted to help out a friend/colleague and take them to the airport since I had a rental car and they didn’t. Their flight left around 3. So, I wasn’t about to plop down in the DFW terminal for a couple hours without spending at least a little while online.

However, the process of doing all this has resulted in a few small rants. First of all, why does the car rental center want to take me to terminal C for American Airline flights when my flight is actually out of terminal A? While on that topic, why does terminal C have three security checkpoints that were virtually empty, and terminal A has (I think) only two sporting mile-long lines? And finally, why does the Friday’s here in the terminal—where I was preparing to have lunch—only have an extremely slimmed down menu? I went in craving the cajun chicken pasta dish and walked out when I realized it—along with numerous other items I’m familiar with—are not available.

I hate DFW.

Update: Oy vey! Turns out I wasn’t supposed to be in terminal A in the first place, even though my boarding pass specifically said gate A38. I sat at that gate right up to boarding time when I realized that they were starting to board for a plane going somewhere in Mexico! Thankfully, I was now at a portion of terminal A that was close to a walkway to terminal C, and the gate I was actually was supposed to be at was located very close to the opposite end of the walkway. Otherwise, I may very well have missed the flight.

Did I mention I hate DFW?

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