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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Uncle Sam Wants Your Airwaves

If it’ll cover the cost of a respectable HDTV that’s at least the size of my current television, then I’m for it!

Uncle Sam Wants Your Airwaves: “Lawmakers believe the analog TV spectrum can be put to much better use and can generate billions in auctions to telecom companies. So Congress is considering paying Americans to ditch over-the-air analog TV and switch to digital. Michael Grebb reports from Washington.” [Wired News]

Update: Okay, thanks to my brother’s comment, maybe I’m not so in favor of this, after all.

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Hold up! Congress will “pay us” to go digital. And they get their money from us as taxpayers. Therefore, we’re going to pay ourselves to go digital. Hmm. They better darn well use that auction money to replace what they cut out of the tax budget. And they’ll probably choose the worst implementation of “paying us” that they can come up with, such as giving a blanket tax cut as opposed to giving a tax credit for purchasing an actual digital TV. I don’t buy into this.

» Posted by Queue
September 22, 2004 12:40 PM

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