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Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Seeking Archive Solution

I’ve got an imponderable that I’m wondering if my Mac-using readers might have an answer for.

I currently have a 4,488-song iTunes library (17.54 gigabytes) and a G4 tower with a DVD-RAM drive in it. I’ve also got several media discs for it. Obviously all those songs won’t fit on one disc, but I’m really not anxious to manually split them up into batches that will fit on the 5.2 GB (2.6 GB per side) cartridges. I know iTunes will let you back up a data DVD or CD, but that’s only for burning regular CD or DVD RW media. DVD-RAM discs are seen as regular volumes that can be used in the Finder just like a Zip disk. The drive is not recognized as a CD or DVD burner.

What I’m wondering is if there’s a utility that would handle copying a mass of stuff (i.e. iTunes tracks) to a removable drive, stop when the disc was full, prompt me to switch media, then keep copying. I’m not necessarily in need of something that will segment a large file into two parts across discs to use even more space. In fact, for iTunes songs, I don’t want that.

I thought about using Retrospect, but it would be nice if my copied tracks were Finder-accessible later. I seem to remember that there’s a way to do a Retrospect backup that simply copied files and didn’t use the proprietary archive format, but I’m sure on that one. Thoughts?

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Roxio will split disks, but I’m not sure if Roxio can handle DRM. One more reason to hate the music industry.

» Posted by Queue
September 9, 2004 10:53 AM

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