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Friday, September 24, 2004

Land Line Loses Luck

My land line is now underground. Six feet underground. I killed it. Gone. Dead. Nonexistent. Strike three. Do not collect $200.

Well, actually it’ll probably be officially turned off Tuesday, but I just made the call to have it done.

Seriously, everyone I work with and virtually all my friends call my cell phone anyway. I’ve got a calling plan that will more than accommodate my current calling habits, including unlimited minutes beginning at 7 p.m.

When I’m home, I very seldom place outgoing calls. As for incoming, I just looked at my caller ID history for the past two months (no, I never bothered deleting entries. I just let the old ones fall off on their own). In all that time, I only got two calls out of more than thirty that were calls I actually wanted to take. I know I’m talking about more than thirty calls because my CID unit groups multiple calls together, yet I don’t know how many total. A listing in the CID unit could be one call, or 10 from the same number, and I wouldn’t know it unless I remembered.

A few of those calls were also semi-legit. They were made from places such as my cable service in response to service issues. As I pay my bills this month, I’ll be informing all parties that my land line number no longer exists.

So, those readers who know my digits, please delete the former home number and label my mobile number as my primary phone.

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