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Thursday, September 30, 2004

G.W.’s America

A dude by the name of Steve Sobek has released a music album titled Mood Swings. He says it’s “the first CD of entirely original music created with Apple’s GarageBand software.”

I liked the previews and decided to order the album, but the reason for this blog entry—which is in my Politics category—is to point to the lyrics of one of his songs which is a protest against George W. Bush’s presidency. The song is one of three full MP3s Sobek offers for free download. There’s also a music video to the song. (If that link doesn’t work for you, try this one.) Forewarning: it’s about 23.5 megabytes and Sobek did not enable the hinting option to let you play it before it’s finished downloading.

Here come the bombs bombs, raining on down
Pushing through the roofs roofs, blowing up the town
Taking away the souls souls, who never did a thing
Looking for the bombs bombs, never find a thing
Take it to Iraq Iraq, finish daddy’s war
Run up the debt debt, spend a little more
Dick’s got your ear ear, can’t think for yourself
Could you do the job job, if he were dead?

We must evolve

Talking to the Lord Lord, got Him on the phone
Put Him on hold hold, leave the gays alone
Trying to tell us all all, what we should think
He’s got this whole team team, pushing out the ink
Religion is the way way, believe or go to hell
You’re a bad man man, if you don’t do it well
Want to put our cross cross, right on your lawn
Shove it down your throat throat, until your doubts are gone

We must evolve

Welcome to the land land, the home of the free
But that only counts counts, if you look like me
The American dream dream, buy it for your self
No one else else, keep it for yourself

We must evolve

© 2004 Steve Sobek

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Category: Politics


Now, I was sure David Ozab actually had one out well before Steve Sobek…

» Posted by Raena Armitage
October 1, 2004 03:11 AM

Thanks, Raena!

P.S. The second Synaxis CD, “Sanctuary,” is now available for purchase:

» Posted by David Ozab
October 1, 2004 02:05 PM

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