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Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Aftermath

Yes, I’m alive.

Hurricane Charley cut a swath straight from Fort Myers, through Orlando, all the way to Daytona Beach. My apartment complex and the surrounding area are completely without power, but neighboring areas of Altamonte have juice, so I’m hoping it won’t be terribly long before I’m back in business.

I came by my office to check things out, and there is power here. Naturally, I’ve been snapping some photos and will post them to my photo server as soon as I’m able to fire it back up.

Fantasy of FlightSort of an amusing story; there is an aviation attraction along I-4 about half-way between Orlando and Tampa. Right beside the interstate is a large shell of an older airplane with the attraction’s name, Fantasy of Flight, painted on the underside of the wings. The nose of the plane is anchored to the ground and the tail is up in the air, creating the appearance of perhaps a 40° dive. For humor’s sake, a dummy in a parachuting suit is dangling underneath the tail. This dummy is often appropriately dressed for seasonal events—especially Christmas. Well, some moron who apparently had never driven along I-4 before had called a radio station and was buying into the rumors that a cargo plane had gone down on the interstate!!!

Anyway, I was anxious to make a blog entry largely to just let friends and colleagues know that things are fine for me and will be even better when the power comes back on. Stay tuned!

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