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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Surprise x3

As I said previously, Andy’s wife, Lianne, brought him to Chattanooga for a surprise birthday weekend. His early suspicions had him wondering if she was flying me up to Lincoln to see him. When he realized they were the ones flying, he thought perhaps the trip was to Orlando instead. When he arrived at Chattanooga and not Orlando, he never expected me to show up since he knew I was tending to “stuff” in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley, and because I’d commented that my vacation time was all spoken for through the rest of the year.

Hey, I didn’t lie! I just didn’t say that the trip here was what had spoken for a portion of my vacation time!

So, last night was surprise number 3. We made our way to what was presented as an offhand thought to go to Provino’s for dinner. Upon driving up, Andy realized that it was more than just an offhand idea. Perhaps 10-12 friends were outside waiting, many of whom Andy (and I, for that matter) hadn’t seen in years!

Photos of this trip are forthcoming. I’ve got an album set up on my server with what I’ve taken so far and was going to make the album public last night. However, we’re planning a trip to Atlanta this afternoon for some sightseeing and I’d rather have the album complete before I open it. I’ll certainly have more photos to add from down there.

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