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Monday, August 9, 2004

Shipping Conspiracy?

Things like this just don’t add up.

I ordered the Animusic Special Edition DVD.
Cost: $19.95.
Shipping origin: New York.
My shipping cost: $0.00.
Literal shipping cost: $1.29 (according to the package it came in).
Date of order: August 6.
Date of arrival: August 9.

I ordered a flexible gooseneck device for my car iPod mount. Heavier item (2.2 pounds) but probably will be in about the same size package.
Cost: $13.63.
Shipping origin: Texas.
My shipping cost: $7.50.
Literal shipping cost: unknown at present.
Date of order: August 5.
Date of arrival: scheduled for August 10.

You do the math.

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