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Saturday, August 7, 2004

Photo Album Organization

I’ve had fleeting thoughts of reorganizing my photo albums. Originally, I thought about setting up categorical top-level albums: vacations, events, fun with friends, scenery, and Disney. The existing albums would remain intact and simply move into these categories to become sub-albums.

My friend, Jeff, is the first person I’ve mentioned this to. His opinion is that they’re fine as is, especially since I keep them in chronological order—most recent photos at the top of page 1—and because Gallery has a rather decent built-in search function.

While pondering with him, I also wondered about creating top-level albums by year instead of by category. This way, someone who knew I took a trip to San Francisco in 1998 and wanted to see the pictures would be able to go straight to the photos for that year. In addition, there’s the fun idea of using the annual top-level album’s highlight photo for the purpose of choosing a photo of the year!

Since you collectively look at my photo albums more than I do (and my logs prove it!), I want to set it up the way that most interests you. What do you think?

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