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Friday, August 13, 2004

Not-so-sorry, Charley

A.K.A. The Beginning

Hang on. Here we go!

Update 1: Naturally, a category 4 hurricane is nothing to laugh at, but one can’t help feel slight amusement at the irony of evacuating Pinellas county as well as people in mobile and manufactured homes in the Tampa area—many of them choosing to come to Orlando—and the storm is now headed straight for Orlando instead.

Update 2: If you’ve never checked out before, you should. I’ve not found a better compilation of radar and satellite images as well as live and streaming webcams. Naturally, I’m hopping all over the offerings for Orlando.

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Thanks so much for the compliments on my weather site! You made my day (or night) … You’ve got a great site as well, and many more badges than I! If you are searching for additional Charley links, they are in the weblog portion of my site:

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August 15, 2004 04:21 AM

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