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Monday, August 9, 2004

NetNewsWire Gripe

I love NetNewsWire. It’s a fantastic RSS reader and weblog editor. I really only have but one beef with it, and I’ve bided my time to say much about it except on Ranchero’s forum. But the current version has been out since February and it’s high time this bug was squashed.

What I’m talking about is the width of columns in the entry list pane. I use the widescreen-friendly side-by-side pane layout and I really don’t know if the problem occurs using other layouts. You know how you can stretch the widths of data columns in a pane or window by mousing over the little vertical divider and sliding it left and right? This is how it works in NNW. But, fairly often (though not always), the widths aren’t remembered and are back to their default positions the next time the app is launched.

It really is time to fix this, guys!

» Posted by ALBj at 08:50 PM (ET)
Category: Rant


We’re working on that for 2.0 (which will be a free upgrade). There are lots of other fixes and features coming too.

» Posted by Brent Simmons
August 11, 2004 10:09 PM

Color me officially impressed that the NNW developer not only laid eyes on my blog entry but even responded!

Thanks, Brent, and I’m _really_ looking forward to version 2. I was glad to read somewhere that you aren’t too worried about RSS support built into Safari. From what I can tell, Safari RSS and NNW are in totally different classes and I, for one, believe I’ll have good uses for both apps.

» Posted by Lee Bennett
August 11, 2004 10:41 PM

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