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Monday, August 16, 2004

Man’s Stupidity Leads To His Own Punishment

I never thought I’d be blogging an Idiot of the Moment out of Hurricane Charley victims, but this one takes the cake—and I just watched this story on the news a few moments ago.

Apparently, a man was pissed because even though his area’s power was back on the day after the storm, his cable TV wasn’t. He was fed up arguing with the cable company to come fix it, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Upon tinkering around with the power pole, you probably guessed it, he managed to come into contact with live power lines and thoroughly zapped himself in the process.

But I think this is probably the least of his worries. Thanks to his shenanigans, most of his neighbors living on his side of the street are now without power again and the power companies are estimating probably two days before they can get it back on!

Mister, when you are released from the hospital, I highly suggest you run—not walk—to another country. Getting zapped by power lines is going to seem like a tickle compared to the ass-kicking your neighbors are waiting to give you!

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