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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Earth Observatory

Way back when Hurricane Erin skipped across Florida, out of sheer luck, I happened to come across a wonderful, high-resolution satellite photo of the storm and was granted permission (after inquiring) to publish it in the newsletter my office regularly sends to people throughout the state.

Having long forgotten where I got it, for years I’ve searched for a good source of high-resolution images suitable for press. Tonight, I found that source.

Enter Earth Observatory, NASA’s freely-accessible online publication for up-to-date satellite imagery. Specifically of use to me is the Natural Hazards page where images of severe storms, fires, floods, volcanoes, smoke, etc. are available.

Best of all, NASA’s purpose for this site is to benefit the public media and educators. That means with the exception of an occasional image where copyright is indicated, every image is freely available for use in publication. All that is asked in return is to credit NASA’s Earth Observatory.

And when I say high-resolution images, I’m not kidding. Case in point, I hope to use this 1,785 x 2,310 image of Charley just as it was slamming into southwest Florida.

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But wait! Frances will be in soon! You’ll need a picture of that one too. :)

» Posted by Queue
September 1, 2004 10:04 AM

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