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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Do You Feel Lucky? Well, Do You?

I don’t normally like to rant about drivers, but today, I’m feeling quite lucky to be alive. As I was driving into work this morning along a wet, dark road, I noticed a car pull up to the end of a driveway. With no more than about four car lengths and me traveling around 45 MPH (the posted speed limit), the car pulls out in front of me, turning left. Needless to say, I nearly hit it and I have no doubt the driver would have been seriously injured.

Typically, I would just go on about my day not giving it a second thought. However, this seems to be a trend (at least in my area) for drivers to simply pull out in front of other vehicles. An incident similar to mine happened a couple of months ago to a lady who swerved and hit a car head on. I believe the lady died in that accident.

There is something seriously lacking in the education of drivers these days. I don’t claim to be a good driver, but at least I try to use common sense and attempt to anticipate bad situations. One of these days, I may not be so lucky.

» Posted by Queue at 09:55 AM (ET)
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not sure if drivers ed is the problem. It seems that the bad drivers has been on the road longer then some of the better ones. Could be just a general lack of care for others, or even ones own self!

» Posted by Brent
August 25, 2004 11:19 AM

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