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Tuesday, August 3, 2004

A New Tactic Against CD Ripping?

I just picked up the latest volume of Now That’s What I Call Music and noticed something when I popped it in my player: with the obvious exception of track 1, every song actually begins about a beat or two before the 0:00 mark of the track. Thus, if you listen to only one track by itself, the beginning of tracks 2-20 are slightly clipped at the beginning, and you hear just a snip of the next song at the end of tracks 1-19.

Production mistake, or an intentional source of headaches to would-be purchasers who want to load the audio files onto a portable digital player?

Update: This is weird. Instead of importing the album directly into iTunes, I directly copied the AIFF tracks so that I could place them into an editor, recut them, export them back to new AIFFs, then encode those files into AACs. However, upon testing/playing a few of the AIFFs, they start just fine, and the end does not contain a clip of the next track.

I guess my car CD player has a pretty nasty margin of error for honing in on the track markers. Guess it’s a good thing I’m putting these tracks into my iPod so I don’t have to use the CDs in the first place!

Another Update: Somebody with CDDB needs to learn that Petey Pablo’s song is Freak-a-Leek, not Freak-a-Leak.

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