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Friday, July 30, 2004

Temporary Glitch (I Hope)

Yes, I’m aware something is screwed up on my HTML pages. List item bullets in the right column don’t show up when a page is loaded in Safari, and the entire list (text and all) doesn’t display in Internet Explorer for Macintosh. It seems the Windows version of IE is doing okay, though.

I’ll explore the problem as soon as I can.

(Uhh, Raena, you got your ears on? :-D)

Update: Okay, I know what happened. Raena gave me a snippet of CSS (overflow: hidden;) that truncates extra long URLs so they don’t spill off the right side of the sidebar box for recent comments. It seems, though, that this attribute doesn’t get along with the rest of my stylesheet and it caused the aforementioned problems.

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