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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Road Tunes

I’m back in business. With much appreciation to my friend, Jeff, my aftermarket radio is now installed in my Pontiac Vibe. This, of course, means I can, once again, play my iPod through my car speakers. I’ve missed that ever since I got the Vibe in November.

The delay was due to the extremely odd manner in which the external amplifier (yes, my car has the Moon and Tunes package) is wired. For now, Jeff did sort of a patchwork job on the wiring block that is normally plugged into the amp mounted below the front passenger seat. It works, but he’s not proud of the work. It’s quite jerry-rigged and doesn’t meet the level of quality he likes to have in any project he takes on. I think it’ll all stay put as long as I need it to, but there is a danger of one or more wires either falling out and causing a speaker to stop working or just some occasional audio cutouts if I hit some bumps and the wires jostle a bit. We’re also not sure if I’m going to have a problem on my hands due to (we think) the factory system (specifically, the speakers) running on 2 ohms and the aftermarket radio at 4. I don’t think the speakers will mess up, but we’re not sure whether I might eventually damage the radio’s built-in amplifier

This setup should hopefully not last long, as we plan to completely rewire everything and install the Pioneer speakers I picked up on Tuesday. The only reasons we didn’t put them in tonight was time and not having what we needed to properly mount them. I need to find the correct mounting kit to hold the speakers in the space on the door.

If anyone knowledgeable with such things has some definitive facts about running a 4-ohm head unit to 2-ohm factory speakers that suggest I should stop doing it right away, I’d appreciate your comments.

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