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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Orphaned Archives

I just realized something. When you change the headline of a Movable Type blog entry, the filename of the HTML document for the corresponding individual archive URL is appropriately updated. However, the prior HTML file is not deleted.

I do not think of this as a bug, since it means you won’t break anyone’s hyperlink to the old version of the entry. But this means those links are pointing people to old—and possibly incorrect and/or embarrassing—information.

Sometimes, I’ve managed to post an entry and change my mind about the headline right away. So, chances are, no one had time to link to those original files. However, I definitely know people have linked to some of my entries before and I’ve later updated them with more info. My practice has always been to add “—UPDATED” to the end of the title. Fortunately, most of the entries probably have not been affected because the addition to the title is already past the threshold for number of characters in the HTML document’s filename. But for any entries that have a shorter title, such is not the case. I’m now questioning whether to continue my title-updating practice or to just indicate the new text in just the body of the entry.

If you’re a Movable Type brainiac and have some opinions and “here’s what I’ve done” stories, please comment about it.

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