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Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Happy Belated Fourth of July

My parents and I drove up to Cherokee, NC, this weekend to see Unto These Hills. Now I know why everyone has such great things to say about it. Very well-done production. I was pleased that photos were allowed, though using a flash was banned. Regardless, I think I got some excellent shots.

The next day, which was July 4, we tooled around Gatlinburg, TN, for a little while then came back for the fireworks show in Cherokee—one of the better displays I’ve ever seen. I’ve got some photos of that, too, but will post them later.

Humorous side note: though I had gotten better in time for the play, I’ve been a little ill since the end of last week and am still fighting it now. Friday night was probably the worst of it. We stopped in Tifton, GA, for Friday night. I laid down in the hotel room and my parents went to a restaurant to eat and bring me back some food. Just before they were seated, my parents overheard the dialog between another family and the greeter as the family was just coming in.

“How many in your party?” the greeter asked. This group obviously fit the “Georgia Hick” stereotype. Someone in the group answered the greeter, “All of us.” A few moments later, someone else in the group wised up and corrected the answer, “Saheecks.” (That’s “six,” but spoken like only a southerner can—with three syllables!)

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