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Monday, July 19, 2004

For the Love of a Handheld

I was kind of amused as I just now happened to be looking through the styleswapper PHP code my friend and fellow ATPM staffer, Raena, had installed for me. I’d never really had a good look at it before. Its purpose is to sniff out whether someone is loading this site with a handheld computer and feed them a stylesheet file that makes the pages better-fit the smaller screen.

When I was skimming the code, I found a commented line, “because handhelds need love too” after the part of the code that defines all the types of handhelds to keep watch for.

Silly easter eggs like this are one of the many reasons we all love Raena so much. :-p

And if you needed another reason, she just gave me a single line of CSS code that truncates text in the sidebar boxes if it’s too long so it won’t fly off the right edge of the browser window! Very nice of her to offer this fix, considering she recently posted two comments that had long URLs that created this cosmetic snafu!

You rock, Raena.

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