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Monday, June 7, 2004

NO!! I Didn’t Mean to Delete It!!!

Ever accidentally erase images from a camera’s memory card before transferring them to your computer? Well, I haven’t, but a good friend and colleague of mine did yesterday. He thought he’d lost more than 130 of my photos I had shot at an event the night prior.

Enter Exif Untrasher. It’s a free utility that attempts to recover images deleted from a memory card—even if you formatted it instead of erased it. I’m here to tell you first-hand that it works. For whatever reason, three of the 130+ images were not readable, but I’ll take a loss of three shots to have been able to get the rest back. As it turns out, based on the order of the numbering, I know which three shots were lost and it’s not a crisis.

This is a Mac-only utility, but the reason I didn’t categorize this post as Mac is because I know there are other utilities that will accomplish the same thing on a PC. Sorry, I can’t name them, but I have to believe they exist.

Hooray for Carsten Blüm!

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