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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

MT Licensing Change

Six Apart has updated their Movable Type 3 pricing scheme again, but it still favors multiple weblogs rather than multiple editors. I wrote the following letter to Six Apart and I share it with my readers to perhaps get some additional voices to help make this request:

I applaud your continued efforts to tweak Movable Type’s pricing structure. However, there’s still a scenario that I think a lot of people fit under which you’re not really addressing.

The personal edition’s unlimited number of blogs is ideal for a person or a small office that maintains several blogs, but its cost is pricey for what I perceive to be a lot of people (like myself) who just operate personal weblogs with random thoughts and punditry. Those of us in that category don’t make any profit with our blogs and aren’t usually trying to hawk anything on a regular basis. What we often do have, however, is a friend or two, or some family members, who help contribute blog postings.

Suppose the free edition of MT had add-ons available, i.e. $5, $10, or so for each additional author. I believe you’d have a lot of takers for this kind of offer and you would probably earn a fair bit of revenue from people (again, like myself) you wouldn’t otherwise have gotten a penny from—people who are opting to stick with version 2.x of Movable Type. Even at $10 per additional author, it would be cost effective for people who only operated 1-3 weblogs but wanted to have a couple of people helping. Then, of course, if they’re needing 7 or more authors, there’s good incentive to just go ahead and purchase the personal edition.

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