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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Contact Method

To those who are personally acquainted with me and know my digits, let it be known that I’m reducing my land line dependency.

I completely dumped any long distance plan and intended to only leave Caller ID. But, since CID is about $9/month and the package that includes CID, voice mail (not a bad thing to have), call forwarding, etc. is about $12 a month, it seemed like a no brainer. Besides, that $12 includes anonymous caller rejection. So, if your CID is blocked or otherwise unavailable, you’ll have to dial *82 first (or don’t dial the *77 to manually block CID, if that’s what you did).

This drops my land line bill more than $25/month. Conversely, I’ve beefed up the cell phone plan. For an extra $20/month, I now have nearly 1,000 standard minutes, calls to other AT&T Wireless phones are unlimited minutes (hmm, not sure if calls from those phones are also unlimited—will have to check on that), and my unlimited weeknight and weekend minutes now start at 7pm instead of 9pm.

Yes, in maybe a year or two, I’ll probably drop the land line entirely. As it stands now, I’ll be making no outgoing calls on it—only receiving. There are plenty of places and people I want to be able to reach me, so anyone who calls my home number will probably get a reminder from me to change over to my cell number.

And yes, I’ve been pondering a VoIP service, but none of them will let me keep my 407 area code number. Even if I settle on a 321 number, I’m beginning to wonder if I even need VoIP? I’d probably still be inclined to use my cell phone.

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We’re running a fairly bare bones landline setup ourselves. Unfortunately, so long as TiVo/DirecTV require a phone line, we won’t ever dump the landline directly.

Our recent Cingular switch netted us 800 shared minutes per month, between 2 phones, unlimited calls to other Cingular customers (and we speak ot one another more than anything, so this is a big bonus), unlimited nights and weekends, yadda yadda yadda. It hasn’t quite been a month, but we’re very happy with the service thus far, and our Sony Ericsson T616 phones!

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June 13, 2004 01:25 PM

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