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Saturday, May 22, 2004

My Bluetooth Is Back!

My poor little easily lost bluetooth adapter has been found! It had fallen into this little crevasse in one of my computer bags. I’d managed to thoroughly fubar the contact list on my phone and really didn’t want to redo it by hand, so I suffered without certain numbers for several months. But no more!

Now for a question: I really am interested in the Logitech MX 900. Has anyone tried using one on a Mac? Logitech states they only support Windows 2000 and XP but, since it uses the bluetooth standard, other operating systems should also work. I’ve even seen some forums where people said it worked. But I wish for more first-hand info. What I’d truly like is to put my bluetooth adapter in a special pouch in my computer bag so I won’t lose it again, and let the MX 900 base station be my bluetooth adapter when I’m home, since it would always be sitting there. Any thoughts?

» Posted by ALBj at 06:24 PM (ET)
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works even easier with the Mac than the PC

» Posted by blueserker
May 24, 2004 10:32 AM

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