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Friday, April 2, 2004

When Did the Definition of “Exclusive” Change?

I’m not knocking Apple’s ProCare program, but would someone please explain why three particular benefits are listed? I’m referring to the Price Guarantee, Test Drive, and Take It Home Today benefits.

Yes, I realize you won’t get a literal price matching guarantee as a regular customer to an Apple store, but everyone knows Apple products are fairly-well price fixed. The only way Apple branded stuff is cheaper than directly from Apple is if it’s part of a promotion or someone is offering a rebate—conditions that generally disqualify the product from being price matched. As for the nonApple-branded stuff—if it’s cheaper somewhere else, then just buy it from somewhere else!

Okay, fine, maybe the price matching on third-party products is a Good Thing™. But the other two are just dumb. “Test Drive: Try all of the latest Apple hardware in our store, before you buy.” Uhh, no one has to be a ProCare member to do that! Isn’t that the entire point of the Apple retail stores?

All right, I’ll eat my words on the Test Drive benefit in the highly unlikely event that ProCare members can check out stuff that Apple hasn’t quite yet placed in the general public eye, but this last benefit is totally over the top. “Take It Home Today: Purchase any Mac, software, or accessory from our store inventory and take it with you today.” Since when does anyone walk into an Apple store, make a purchase, and not take their purchased products with them?

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